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Meditation is just a fancy word for resting your mind and being at peace. There are several ways to meditate and each person needs to find the way that is best for them. One suggestion is to just sit in a quiet place and relax your mind. Be aware of your breaths as you breath in and out for the first few minutes. Now take your mind on a much needed vacation. Imagine being in your favorite place in the world. Maybe it is the serenity of the beach, the colorful garden of an array of flowers, or maybe it is in the mountains among God's trees of wonderful nature. Maybe it is clear across the world in a remote European village or on a Caribean Island. Rest your mind in this place seeing all the colors, feeling the breeze, feeling the warmth of the sunshine. Use your imagination to really feel your minds environment. Vividly be in your place of peace. Picture yourself in this place feeling love, peace, and ecstatic joy. You can do this for 10 or 15 minutes, more if you like, but when you are done just let your mind be still.  Don't think about anything, but keep your mind at peace. If intrusive thoughts or problems try to enter your mind, just gently push them away and go back to your place of comfort. Then when they disappear go back to keeping your mind quiet without any thoughts. It takes some practice and you might not be totally free from distractions on your first try, but rest assured that as you do this on a daily basis it will become easier. Allowing yourself 20 or 30 minutes of peace daily will rejueventate your mind. It will also help you find answers to your problems or guide you on which decision to make in your life. It also introduces you to your inner self. 
 In the silence of your meditations you can access the spirit of God that is within you. Sometimes we receive very positive thoughts or solutions to problems when our minds are at rest and away from the problems. When we step back from having ot make a decision and rest our minds the decision usually comes without force. When you emerge from your meditations you will feel at peace. God is peace and meditating brings us to an acute awareness of the spirit of God within us. Only in silence can you hear God's whisper that will guide, support and love you on your journey through life. Mother Teresa often said that silence is where God speaks to us. She also said in essence close your eyes, close your mouth and listen to God speak to you. The busy hustle of life keeps us from finding this wonderful truth of God dwelling within as our friend, our guide and our comforter and He is always accessible to us, whenever we need Him. We are never, ever alone. Also if you meditate daily you will find your purpose for being created. We all have a purpose in life and many do not know what this is because everyday stress and hustle and bustle keeps us too busy to become silent and listen to our intuition. When we become quite enough to hear God's whisper we will also become acutely in tune to our inner being and we will get thoughts on what direction to take in life and what our life purpose is. The secret of your life, lies within your soul.  May you have peace on all your journeys.........
Another form of meditation is called the St. Ignacious meditation. St. Ignacious meditated by using the Bible and actually picturing himself in the Bible scene  of the chosen scripture reading.  If you decide to do this, just read the passage out loud, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the picture of the passage you just read.  Concentrate on slow easy breaths as you bring yourself into the scene. Relax and let your mind rest. Use your imagination.  See the trees, the flowers, the sunlight; smell the fresh spring air, visualize the faces of the people in the scene. Feel Gods presence, His love, His comfort and His peace. Imagine yourself as one of the characters or just as an interested observer.  Do this for about 15 minutes, relishing in the peace.  Feeling Gods love.  Remember God is peace.
For the last 5 minutes of your meditation sit in silence. Keep your mind clear, if it wanders gently bring it back to a peaceful state.  Listen to Gods whisper within you, which will come in the form of your intuition.  This is the key to unlock the door to spiritual solutions to major problems in your life. 
Daily meditation can bring such positive results into your life. IT brings about incredible positive change. Many spiritual experts agree that the solution to all our problems lies in the center of our mind.  Our problems are in our mind, so thus lies the solution in our mind, as well. 
Peace be with you!





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* In this passage St. Paul is speaking from the heart and trying to educate us on how to treat our adversaries.

** St. Paul, once again with his infinite wisdom, gives us hope in time of struggles.

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