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From believing to knowing 

I've had many miracles happen in my life. Some subtle and some very strong. This true story below is just one of many miracles that has happened in my life. I hope it gives you a sense of peace and moves your belief in God to a knowing of God's presence in the world and most importantly in your life.
On November 6,  2003 my neighbor rang my bell and told me she was having chest pains and needed to go to the emergency room. My 11 year old son was home with an ear infection and I quickly called my older son to come home and stay with him. I drove my neighbor to the hospital and they took her in a wheel chair immediately to the ER. She kept telling me to go home, but I felt inside that I should stay. I called her husband and left a message for him at work. He had left his cell phone at the office and was out on the field. He works for the Salvation Army.

After an hour or so they decided to take her upstair for an angeogram (spelled wrong) a test to check the valves of the heart because they knew from the blood test that she had a heart attack. This is how God works. They only let you visit for 15 minutes at a time in this ER room. I was going to take a short walk, but decided to stay in the area as they just wheeled her out of ER to bring her upstairs. The nurse said, "Oh there is your friend" then the doctor spoke to me about the procedure and said it would take any where from 1 1/2 to 3 hours. I went outside to my car and brought her clothes there. I sat in my car and was grateful for a bag of pop corn that was left over from the movies the night before. We went to see the Matrix. Her husband finally called my cell phone and I tried to explain that she was okay and not to panic. He seemed calm enough and said he would be there asap.

As soon as I got back into the hospital, it was 1 1/2 hours the doctor came out and said that she was fine. She had a major clot in one of the valves and they cleared it and she was going to be fine. He said she had a heart attack and time was of the essence. Had she not come in when she did it would have been a different story. I stayed until her husband came. She looked great after the procedure and is doing fine. She will be coming home tomorrow.

She had called her doctor before ringing my bell and the nurse was abrupt telling her that he was booked. Had there been an open appointment things would have been different. She insisted on talking to the doctor because she was angry with the nurse and he told her to call an ambulance and go right to the ER. She rang my bell instead.

The point to this story is that on Nov 6, 2000 I was in a hopeless situation and I felt trapped with no way out. I was at the end of my rope with a domestic situation and I felt great despair. It was going on for years, my marriage was falling apart.  I wanted to live and yet I wanted to die. I really wanted to get out of the house.  My younger son was supposed to go to school, but was carrying on and crying that morning. When I saw him in such distress and realized how much I loved him, I induced vomiting and made sure I was going to live for him. I could literally see the love of God illuminating from his eyes begging me to choose life.

I still can't believe that all of this happened on Novemeber 6th. I guess God wanted me around so I could help my neighbor also have life. Her husband told me if she called an ambulance the stress might have induced the heart attack. She didn't want the scene of going in an ambulance. I was actually just on my way out when she rang my bell. I had my coat on and was going to get my son some pizza. Had she waited a minute later I would have been gone, and maybe not back for about 1/2 hour.

Amazing how the love of God works in our lives. It is truly amazing when we can actually see it. We are all part of this holographic world and what each and everyone of us do, effects the whole world. I have a strong belief in God, but when something like this happens it moves my belief to a gentle knowing.

Peace and love

There is hope. Go to the links page and find hope. The morning brings a light of freedom and love that will resound for you. Stand tall in the storms of life.
May God bless you with strength, love and peace. 

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