THE THIRD ROAD (A Place of Peace)


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This page is designed to offer peace to those who feel a conflict in their heart and soul over the war in the Middle East and conflict in other parts of our world. It is also a place to offer prayers for our armed forces, their families, the innocent families caught in the crossfire, and the world at large.

I would like to open this page with a prayer.
Dear God, please receive our humble prayer for peace.  Allow our hearts to be opened to this peace and love and help us to overcome the perils of war. Please bring peace to all parts of the world including the Middle East where there is so much unrest. Protect the US service people and the families caught in the middle of conflict. May your divine love protect our US troops and lead them safely home. Bring peace to the Israelites and Palestinians so they can live in harmony. Bring peace to our homes, neighborhoods, and communities. 
Dear God in heaven hear our prayers, Amen.
I strongly believe that war is not the answer. Peace and justice is the answer. Even one death is too many, too much for a family to bare, too much for a nation to carry. This includes the innocent Iraqi civilians, women and children who have been killed. Please pray for the dead and especially pray for peace in our world. Let us give a moment of silence for all those who have died in this war.
This is the wall of faces of the fallen American heros since the war started. Please pray for them -
Even one death is too much for a family and nation to bear. Peace is the answer to war and suffering. May peace reign in our world, in our communities and in our hearts. If we all had a peaceful heart, there would be peace throughout the World. God Almighty, hear our prayers for peace. Bless the families who are in anguish. Bless the Americans who died defending us. Bless our nation and the world with your Divine love of peace, Amen.

Peaceful negotiations are the only way to accomplish a peaceful resolve. When dealing with others in a war-like and taunting manner, retaliation is always an inevitable response and then we have a domino effect of violence. Are we so uncivilized that peaceful negotiations are beyond our grasp? The U.S. is always open to peaceful talks... it is our foe who find it difficult to conform to these peaceful talks. So what do we do? How do we deal with people where hate runs so deep that talking or complying with our request to dismantle war- heads of mass destruction is left unresolved?The President thinks that the right solution is the war with Iraq, but I know that war is not the right one. War is killing, bloodshed, tears, despair and disruption of innocent lives. I can only pray that the war is over soon, resolutions become evident, and peace reigns in our world.
Please offer your prayers and a moment of silence for all military personnel in the world. 
Peace to all of you,
Love Rachel 

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