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A Gift of Peace Lecture
Rachel Devine author of
The Third Road
Your Secret Journey Home
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Who am I......

I am the author of  a book called, The Third Road, Your Secret Jouney Home. I created this web site to invoke peace in my life and in the world. I am a lecturer and have been doing talks that have gotten positive affirmative feedback, with many hugs and love. I have two sons and I live in NY, with one of my sons.

I am everyone's sister and I live in a world of synchronization that mystifies me. A world in which the hidden is awakened and the awakened is hidden.

I am an author, poet and idealistic peace advocate, invoking peace in my prayers and meditations. I am a seeker of inner peace, therefore, illuminating peace in the world. Peace in the world starts with inner individual peace.

I am the one who reaches her hand out to those who cry in the wilderness. I am the one who will offer you hope in the midst of turmoil and chaos. I am the one who will make you realize that hope is just a thought away and your problems are not as big as they seem. I am the one who will offer you peace, real innner peace, even though the world tells you this can't be achieved. I am the one who offers you a chance to find your inner self, in the midst of worldly and social pressures.

I am the one to tell you that you are special and loved by God and deserve to be happy. I am the one who insists you treat yourself with loving kindness and know in your heart that you are beautiful, inside and out. I am the one who tells you that you deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. I am the one who cries for those who are lost and want you to find your way "home." I am the one who knows the good in each one of us and can see through the shadowy exterior to the window of your heart, which is the very soul. I am the one who knows that peace is just a thought away and the world is a place to live in but not to take seriously. Laughter is the best way to get around the seriousness of insignificant social norms. The world I take seriously is the world of God's spirit and I quietly listen to His whisper within that directs me on my journey.

Come join me on this journey "home", with much more joy, peace and contentment than you had when you entered my website.

Peace be with you,



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Here's a list of some of my favorite books:
Power vs Force,(enlightening-spiritual)
Dr. David Hawkins
Secrets about life every woman should know,
Barbara DeAngelis

Dance of the Wounded Souls
Robert Burney

The Language of Letting Go 
Melody Beattie
A Return to Love
Marianne Williamson
You'll see it when you Believe it - Inspiration -The Power of Intention
Dr. Wayne Dyer
No Greater Love
Mother Teresa
The Lottery
Shirley Jackson
The Purpose Driven Life

Listen and you will hear

Look and you will see

Seek and you will find


To order a copy of the The Third Road, Your Secret Journey Home. Please contact me.

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