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Find true love, manifest your dreams, you deserve to be happy


You must love yourself first: It's imperative to love yourself first, because it is what you will have to give to a relationship. If you don't love yourself it will be hard to love anyone else. Go back into a time in your life when you were a child, before the influence of family and society gave you feelings of doubt about yourself. See that innocent child and remember how beautiful, loveable, natural, and carefree that child was. That beauty is still within you as the Spirit of God, pure unconditional love. Love yourself, tell yourself all day love how loved you are. When you are loved that is what you will have to give away to others. If you want to meet a kind, loving, caring, generous, partner, you must be kind, loving, caring, and generous. We attract into our lives what we are.  Unfortunately if we are dysfunctional mess, then that is what we will manifest. Work on yourself, your character defects, get therapy, join a 12 step group, read books on relationships, when you become better the world around you will be better.

If you meet a man that doesn't call you, he really isn't interested, don't call him. I have a friend who keeps telling me that if a man is interested he will pursue you. Men are hunters by nature and like to do the chasing. Don't fall into the new wave thinking that it's okay for women to make the first move. It's not a bad thing, just not recommended, because of the male nature to want to hunt and the notion that if a guy is interested he will pursue you.

Meditate on the man of your dreams. When you gear yourself to negative thinking you will get negative results in your life. You have to think positive. I meditate on the type of man I want, I keep thinking of the abundance of quality men in the world and I put some my energy on that thought. What you think about does happen in your life. It's an amazing revelation for me. Try thinking about someone in the course of your day and see if that person calls you or you run into them in the store. It's amazing how our thoughts create our lives, so it's only nature to keep the positive energy flowing. Even if you have had a hundred internet dates and feel discouraged, don't put out negative energy. Take a break from dating and then go back with positive affirmations and attitude.

Sit back and relax and be thankful: After you have defined what you want, gotten rid of men who are not interested, and meditated on the man of your dreams, sit back and relax and be thankful for everything in your life. Sure, continue going to places where you can meet the man of your dreams, and continue internet dating, or whatever method you are using, but relax and let life flow. Let the universe handle the details and just go with the positive flow your life is taking. Don't worry about the time frame or if it will happen, you MUST know in your heart it will happen and let go and let God take over. And always have gratitude for everything in your life. In the evening, meditate on gratitude. Don't ask for anything, meditate on being thankful for all you have and see the man of your dreams in your meditation and already in your life and be thankful for him. When you already know he is here and with you, he will come into your life even faster than you realize. Picture him, know he is here and be thankful. I am still waiting for the man

of my dreams to come into my life. I know he is out there and will find me.






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