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I have a passion for writing. What is your passion in life? Here is my poetry for you to enjoy...
Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. Isaac Asimov 


God is Within

There is a tingling and a gleam
As I reach beyond the norm
Between the seen and unseen
Where many dreams are born
As I nestle in this peaceful light
In this place of total bliss
The blindness renders sight
In the darkness of the abyss
From light to darkness... let it be
An enlightened soul emerging
The heart becomes one with Thee
As we see our defects purging
How has Thou entered my soul
without any delays?
And then I hear a whisper say
"I've dwelled in you always"
By Rachel Devine
Light of the World
The snow flakes are falling
as the trees twinkle bright
there is a calm in the air
A white Christmas tonight
A willowy blanket  
makes the earth seem clean
the dark night falls
and the new moon gleams
The quiet is deafening
The world is asleep
and everything is right
just the way it should be
Some merrymaking abounds
with an aura of mirth
with flute playing songs
 it echoes the earth
Midnight mass
the candles burn bright
the sweet smell of incense
the flow of the lights
A luminescence  speaks,
off the glow of the trees
reminds me of yesterday
when the world was so free
Our Lord thus speaks
A soft glowing whisper
“Love thy neighbor”
what a wonderful gesture
The world would be light
peace on earth would abound
if everyone remembered
to spread love all around
By Rachel Devine

The Leaves of Life


The majestic trees stand strong and tall
Some have lasted till the fall
Their leaves shine with hues of red
The ones that haven't fallen dead

The weak leaves never found their goal,
of turning leaves to tender gold
They fell before their colors changed
The storms just swept them away

They never did fulfill Gods' plan,
to bring their leaves to brilliant golds
These poor leaves could not go on,
so they just fell to the ground

The strong leaves on the other hand,
held strong against the storms
And finally fulfilled God's plan for them,
of changing colors in the fall


The Weeping Willow

The weeping willow weeps for us
It knows the depths of our demise
They weep for children who were abused
Those who suffered from those accused,

These bad men did not comply,
to laws they should have carried high
They stripped the young of innocence
They paved a life of suffering

They robbed them of their faith,
Sentenced them to a life time of mistakes
And what resulted from the pain,
was weeping willows crying out in vain


But we must forgive and let it go

For these we pray for they don’t know

As Jesus told us long ago

“they know not what they do”

 By Rachel Devine


The Perfect Day  
The gift of a perfect day
arranged by the Lord in a way
touching the hearts of two people
joyfully fufilling the secret
fermenting within, what a beautiful thing
like a ripe juicy orange, 
delicious and sweet 
the day was a treat
The art and the treasures
all in one space
the view of the landscape
put everything in place
We sang and we danced 
Christmas spirit was a lift    
the ride was a joy
the chapel was a gift 
the smell of the garlic
the sensational aroma
the taste of Italia
was a delight to the palet
A beautiful rainbow
birds of a feather
we flocked together
the sky was majestic  
your protection enveloped me
I felt safe and secure
in the shadow of your trust
I saw no one but you
the Lord is my shepherd
with much gratitude
He brought us together 
and the world is anew
Thank you for the perfect day
in which I will always treasure
that was done in such a way
that no one can ever measure
By Rachel Devine
The Real You (My first poem) Try one yourself !

When you can feel the warmth of the sunshine, but cannot see it,


Or feel the coolness of a gentle breeze, but cannot grasp it,


When our dreams are just a fleeting thought that no longer matters,


Remember to deeply reach within, to stretch your mind, to awaken the real you, as we say goodnight to self-doubt and the inner blindness



Cherry Blossoms (new poem 4/1/08)


Their colors are vibrant

The willowy blanket

Bursting with color

Springtime is upon us


Radiant cherry blossoms

Cover the meadows   

Nestle underneath one

And experience heaven  


You are now in a world

Of colorful hues

Red, and pink and white ones too

Delicate blossoms radiate jewels


They leave you breathless

Just like a new birth

The radiance of springtime

The dawning of God’s earth


How did the Master color the world?

With such beauty and majesty fit for us all

With brilliance of hues that color the world  

His love was the reason for all of the awe


By Rachel Devine


Struggles bring hope


Sometimes we lose all that we have

It vanishes into the abyss of the night

Our lives lie bear, cold and dead

We wonder what happened with great dread


Then suddenly there is this vision

A tiny glimpse of the future

Our blindness is suddenly lifted

We find what was always conflicting 


We are now caught between darkness and light

We struggle to venture down the path that is bright

Our pain is subsiding, our heart is on fire

We know it’s there but we still can’t conspire


How do we get there, I mean out of the tunnel

The tunnel with two paths, one dark, one light

We ponder the way not knowing which to choose

So again we ask which way do we muse  


The only way out of the tunnel is this; 

Hand and hand with the one who has been there 

A friend is gently guiding the way

To get to the place of a bright sunny day


Finally we venture on the road that is bright

The one with the hope and all of the light

But remember this, and don’t ever forget

Let go and Let God and you will be set

By Rachel Devine

The Season is Changing


Wandering around the Gardens

The barren trees are dead

Spice plants that once were fragrant

Are now fallen, weeds of dread       

Wilted vines hang off the lattice

The bumblebees are fast asleep

The season is changing


Springtime will come with ease

The daffodils will sprout its leaves   

Merrily growing, embraced by the sun

Multicolor blossoms, flourishing as one

Unified for one clear right,   

Of fulfilling God’s plan for life

The season is changing


The weeping willows weep no more

They come from darkness to the light

A time of joy, a time that’s bright

As life awakens from the dead

The blindness is now gone

We don’t look back, but instead,

we clearly see God’s way of time,

revealing to us mans’ own rhyme

And so the season changes


By Rachel Devine



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